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Shungite, Silver/Elite/Noble/Type I, Rare, Genuine, UK Stock

Ancient Type I Shungite around 2 billion years old is found only in specific areas of Karelia, Russia, and represents a small percentage of all Shungite deposits.

Superior: With around 98% carbon, Type I is exceptionally durable and unique.

Exclusive and Valuable: Comprising only 1% of all Shungite, highly valued for its rarity and distinctive characteristics.

Protection and Healing:
- **EMF and MMW (5G) Protection**: Natural shield against harmful radiation.
- **Physical and Spiritual Healing**: Promotes well-being and supports spiritual healing.
- **Health Benefits**: Assists the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, and calms.
- **Water Filtration**: Purifies water, removing impurities.

Perfect for Jewellery and Decoration too.

Type I Shungite can control a smartphone's touch screen. Test its authenticity by placing it between a torch battery's connections—the torch lights up, confirming its conductivity and purity.

Add this rare, powerful mineral to your collection today!

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