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Fenbendazole Powder 25g bottle

Expiry date is November 2025 - Although storing the bottle tightly sealed in the freezer can notably prolong its expiration date.

Third party laboratory tested - Certified at over 99% Pure - Analysis Certificate is included in the box.

Measuring spoon (222mg) is also included:
25g bottle ≈112 spoonfuls
100g bottle ≈ 450 spoonfuls

Fenbendazole is primarily used as an anthelmintic, some of the parasites treated are:
- Roundworms
- Hookworms
- Whipworms
- Strongyles
- Pinworms
- Giardiasis
- Toxocariasis
- Lungworm

Assess bodyweight as accurately as possible before calculating the dosage (7.5mg per kg)

Administer daily for 3 days with or after a meal to enhance absorption. In cases where unhatched parasite eggs are suspected, it's advisable to repeat the deworming process every 1-2 weeks to ensure thorough eradication.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, in a cool, dry place.

UK Stock.

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